3 Reasons why Floor springs have the edge over standard door closers.jpg

Have you ever wondered why you should use floor springs rather than standard door closers?  Here’s some thoughts for your design consideration.

1. Great for oversize doors

Floor springs are the ideal solution to mount large floor to ceiling doors.

Having the benefit to the design of no protruding hinge knuckles and they can cope with oversize dimensions.

2. less is more

If it is a high end specification, the less you can see of the operating ironmongery, the better.  

Cover plates can be made in antique brass or bronze finish. For restaurant and 5* projects, then custom made plates can be produced, either to match existing plates, or to give a quality vintage look and feel, with modern hardware.

3. great in draughts

This photo features a residential project, that had a brief to provide a means of controlling the doors, as it was in a coastal location and the possibility of a draught or gust of wind coming thru the house and slamming the doors.

This could be both dangerous to persons and harmful to property (plasterwork etc.) The doors were complemented with feature pull handles, thus with the floor springs the hinges were not visible, and the doors would stand open and hold at 90 degrees.

Needing ironmongery for a public building?

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