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If you’re looking at including some fine detail in your design then recessed pull handles are an excellent design feature - often used with flush HINGES.  So here’s 4 useful points to consider.

1. Sufficient Grip?

Consider the users of the doors in question, as recessed pulls have been previously associated with sliding door gear, thus have little or no grip to open a hinged door. So ensure the flush handle you choose have sufficient lip to suit the door usage.

2. How will they be fixed?

Options are face fixed with 2 or 4 (visible) screws, or for a discreet look, go for secret fixing in the side wall of the recess, or on sliding doors then back to back fixing is ideal if you want one on each side of the door leaf.

3. remove the protrusion?

For high-end commercial, Private Dining Rooms (PDR's), etc then doors can be recessed flush pulls and thus do not present any protruding fittings to flush wall cupboards or dispensing units – which make it safer for persons moving around the room and present a minimal appearance not distracting from any other of the building decor.

4. What size?

Available in a variety of size from 76mm upwards. Special sizes and finishes can always be considered. Here is one special commission in stainless steel for a sports hall store door requiring non-projecting fittings, yet had to be easy and safe to use.

Bespoke Flush Pull handles insitu.jpg

Our specification guide can be downloaded below.

Download our flush pull handles specification guide

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