Dovetail_Drawers_in_situ2.jpgDrawer boxes with dovetail joints are the true sign of a quality cabinet, even to those who know little about the trade.  Knowing that's true, why should you go to the extra expense to fit these into your furniture?

1. Dovetail Joints are strong

Fully loaded drawers need to be robust, to cope with the pulling force as the drawer opens.  Hardwood timbers are inherently strong, but a drawer is only as strong as its joint. 

By using dovetail joints on each corner, the interlocking pins and tails of the joint resist being pulled appart and remain strong, this gives high tensile strength to the drawer. 

Poor quality joints will be susceptible to breaking on the corners, something that all premium furniture must avoid!

2. Built to Last

Let's face it, the drawer boxes get heavy use, so they need to last! 

Dovetail joints have been used in furniture making for years, indeed many examples of antique furniture feature a hand crafted dovetail joint.

3. Symbol of Quality Workmanship

Dovetail joints are symbolic of a well constructed drawer with solid wood versus chipboard or plywood.  

An easy way to evaluate a cabinet makers skill, is is to see how well they construct the dovetail joints in their projects. 

Great joints are an excellent sign of craftmanship.

4. Dovetails look great

Above all dovetail joints look great.  A solid wood drawer box complements the finish of the furniture.

Why should I use dovetail joint drawer boxes?


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