Antique Bronze or Dark Bronze is the ideal deep finish to articulate to your clientele a tone of quality that perfectly complements the more rustic tones of nature and earth inspired palettes for the project you are seeking to present.  When selecting the right Antique Bronze Door Handles for High-end Hospitality or Commercial projects, it is important that consideration is given to the following 5 points.

  1. Durability

    Look for a range that has been finished on a durable base material.

    This needs to be a tried and tested product suitable for the use that a public building may encounter.  

    Tip:  Lever Handles with a bolt through fixing method are strongly advised.
  2. Used by members of the public?

    Consider the requirements of BS8300 (DDA requirements) in relation to door furniture.

    Tip: many Antique Bronze Door Handles available on the market are only suitable for domestic use.
  3. Co-ordinate the look

    Co-ordinate accessories for a complete look.

    This can encompass hinges and door closers etc.

  4. Include Everything

    Remember to include the cylinder lock barrels. These can be finished to match correctly with the cylinder escutcheons and other items of door furniture.

  5. Living Finish

    Note that the unlaquered version of this finish is known in the industry as a ‘living finish’. 

    This means it will age with use and develop its own patina according to the environment the items are fitted in.

    Best advice is to restrict these living finishes to general use areas and away from kitchens.   These areas can be a hostile environment owing to cleaning chemicals etc.

 You’ll be interested to know that we have a range of Antique Bronze door furniture that is ideally suited to high-end hospitality and commercial projects.

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