LED Profile insitue.jpgWe all know that LED tape can be used by itself, as it can be stuck to almost any surface.  There are however, some very good reasons why you should fit your led strip lights into LED profile.

1. consistent reflection

When teamed up with a high output LED tape such as our 300 diode per meter single colour led strip light, a white diffuser gives a consistent dot free reflection.

This is particularly useful when lighting a highly reflective surface, such as tiles or worktops.

2. Unleash your creativity

The large selection of profile styles allow you to achieve effects that can't be achieve with traditional light. 

Profiles are completely adaptable - they can be as short or as long as the design requires.

3. longevity

Although LED generates little heat, a profile absorbs excess heat away from the diode. 

Too much heat can end up damaging the LED and resulting in a significant reduction in total life expectancy. 

TIP: Some timbers are particularly bad at absorbing heat, MDF is one material that has a reputation for burning the LED strip if it isnt fitted to a heatsink.

4. maintain the look

Using a profile gives you confidence that the lighting will continue looking the same.

I'm sure you'll agree that visiting a job months later, to find the LED strip lights hanging off, from where they were originally stuck is the last thing we all want to see.

This generally happens when the suface you are sticking to isn't completely dust free.

An aluminium profile relies on a manual fixing - it will make these issues a thing of the past!

5. looks superior

A led profile makes a far better finished look, especially when you use a white diffuser - compared to using LED strip lights on their own. 

The quality of the look is important especially when the light can be seen.

6. EasY to clean

The diffuser on the profile protects the individual diodes on the LED tape - especially when you come to keeping it clean. 

No chance of catching the diodes with your duster, when its encapsulated in a smooth profile!

7. Easy to fit

Using a profile is very easy to fit, simply stick the LED strip light into the aluminium profile and

8. direct the light

A profile allows you more flexibilty than just adhering to a flat surface, by using a angled profile or a round profile - the light can be directed to the area where the light has the best effect.

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