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So your looking for a heavy duty overhead door closer?  There's a number of factors that you need to give consideration to, to ensure you get the right specification for your application.

1. Know your dimensions

Establish clearly the dimensions of the door in question and who is to be using it.  Door closers can be supplied to close doors of up to 272 Kg!

2. Know your users

If it is used by young children, elderly or person with special needs then such factors need to be taken into consideration.

3. Security

If it’s to close a door without fail for a security application then the most robust solution is needed. Also consider monitoring the door with an alarm if the door has been interfered with and left insecure.

4. The environment

Think of all the other factors that effect the use of the door, such as wind forces that could affect the operation of the door. Temperature has an impact as well – extreme heat and cold causes the oil within the body of the closer to react accordingly. So check the range of temperatures it is intended to operate in.

5. Is vandalism a risk?

Will the closer be in a location where it is likely get tampered with or vandalised? Security fixing screws will prevent easy removal of the closers and conceal the adjusting screws to stop unauthorised alteration of closer settings.

6. Can you get a good fixing?

Can you get a good solid fixing to the door and frame? There is no point having a tough door closer fitted to a weak timber substrate. If the frame can be hardwood it will ensue best fixing.

7. Fit and Adjust

Once you have chosen the closer in question make sure it is fitted by a competent person. Furthermore the adjustments need to be correctly set up to suit the precise door.

8. Demanding situations

For demanding situations a stop can be built into the arm of the heavy duty door closer to prevent the door opening beyond 90 deg. DSC00118x.jpg

This will prevent damage to the door or adjacent walls etc. the picture above, shows the LCN 4111 Cush Arm, which we supplied in ’95 - still working smoothly and it looks like it has never been cleaned or needed maintenance!

9. Performance

Performance testing is the benchmark to look for now. This will prove the closer has endured 100’s of cycle testing opening and closing. Download our DDA Guide

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