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Access control systems that are understated, discreet and available with optional hotel or hospitality functions. And, importantly, with Elite Lock, practically any design of lever handle can be used, allowing either complete consistency – or indeed exclusivity – in any decorative theme.

The Elite Lock requires no cabling or containment as information is transferred through the system using proven Mifare RFID and Wireless technology. The readers run on high-powered lithium batteries, directly controlling the electronic mortice lock which houses the system’s intelligence. Effortless operation and security are assured, but style is never compromised.

How does this Access Control System work?

This electro-lock is equipped with a split spindle engaged by a motor.  With a successful card scan, the spindle engages allowing the lever handle on the outside to be depressed, which withdraws the latch, to open the door.  From the inside, the lever handle is always active allowing exit with no need for a card to be read.  Without a card, the outside lever handle remains inactive.


Why should I use an Elite lock - v - Standard Access Control Systems?

  • Aesthetics, apart from the flush mounted card reader, nothing is visible.
  • The access control is concealed within the DIN style lock case, allowing your choice of handle to be used.  
  • Keep access control doors looking consistent with other doors on the project.
  • No need for hours of wiring, completely plug and play system.
  • No hidden costs, all items on the door can be fitted by a competent carpenter.
  • Information communicated in real time to i-Locks and wall readers via LAN Wireless Access Points (POE).

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