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To add a touch of class to your high end restaurant, commercial, PDR project, then to have lever handles on back plates is the obvious choice. 

  1. Start with number 1! Have you got to make allowance to satisfy BS8300 pt M for users of your building? This may narrow your choice of lever handle to give compliance


  1. Finish ! You can choose between antique brass or bronze finishes. The image featured above is a unique blackened finish on brass.


  1. If it’s a refurbishment project then levers on long back plates are great as they can cover up the foot print left behind from other fittings. Back plates are available in a variety of period styles, Victorian, Queen Anne, Regency, 1920’s Art Decco etc.


  1. If it is new doors then long back plates can provide an excellent fixing strength. Particularly if it is on commercial doors working with door closers.


  1. Ensure the springing of the lever handles matches the springing (if there is any) to the lock or latch case.

    TIP: Be cautious if the levers are too heavy as they will be uncomfortable to operate.


  1. Can you get a good solid fixing to the door? Face fixing or bolt thru fixing are available. Look for a good grub screw fixing which will provide a secure fixing to the spindle.


  1. Professional fitting of lever handle on back plate furniture is important. Often the screws are face fixed (unlike round rose furniture) , so the fixing screws will be visible!


  1. Lever handles on back plates set off a classic look. Keyholes can be given swinging covers to close off and conceal and matching bath / w.c. turn and release sets can all be uniform on the back plate.

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