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Flush Handles have been traditionally intended for Sliding Doors due to the need for doors to pass in front of each other or sliding back into a pocket, thus precluding the use of a handle that protrudes from the face of the door. 

Today we are seeing Recessed Flush Pull Handles becoming increasingly sought after for use on hinged doors.  Their sleek and minimalist look is a favourite with Interior Designers.  However, there are various practical points that should be considered prior to specifying these on hinged doors: -


  • A sufficient lip will be required on the inside of the Flush Pull Handle for your fingers to grip and enable you to pull open the door.   Many flush pulls do not have this as they are designed for sliding doors which are only moved in a side to side motion, rather than for pulling open towards you.


  • Will the door have a door closer on it? If so, will people manage to open the doors by just pulling on the lip, against the force of a door closer?   Maybe consider decreasing the power of the door closer to facilitate this.  You may like to read http://blog.sws-eu.com/which-door-closer-should-i-use for further help on this.


  • Is the door thick enough to accept a Flush Pull Handle being recessed into it?



  • Fixing method? Face Fixing is common but some are available with Secret Fixing to give a clean, smooth finish.


  • What finish are your looking for? Many finishes are available, click here for some inspiration!

Why not get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements?   We’re sure to come up with a solution for you!

Our specification guide can be downloaded below.

Download our flush pull handles specification guide

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