Bronze door handles ~ One thing in life that looks better with age!.jpg

The great thing about real bronze door handles is the patina it develops because it is a living finish that develops as the product ages. It’s a durable metal and can be cast into many interesting design styles and will articulate a warm, quality look to the clientele – so it’s the ideal choice for the hospitality industry.

During production, the bronze's oxidized hues (patina) are enhanced through an element bath. Touch, climate, and weather exposure will continue to change the bronze's colour, sheen, and texture. Other variations are;

  • Rustic Bronze, a rough beaten look.
  • Polished, a bright finish – either lacquered to keep it bright or unlacquered to allow it to oxidize.

So what is BRONZE?

It’s a metal alloy which has been used for casting objects for centuries. Two different bronze alloys are available - silicon bronze which produces gold undertones and white bronze which produces silvery/pewter undertones.

Cleaning all surfaces with a mild soap, water, and a non-abrasive cloth will help the hardware age gracefully,Needing ironmongery for a public building?

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