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c2500BC visitors came from mainland Europe to Britain and with them came their skills in metalworking. So as they settled they taught us Brits how to make items this new way, so instead of stone knives and we gradually learnt the skill of molten metal and in particular BRONZE.  We learnt how to cast swords, helmets, shields etc. and of course, useful agricultural equipment – all of which progressed us out of the stone age into the BRONZE AGE !

These early people found the advantage and benefit of this new material, an alloy of brass and tin, still renowned for being harder than brass, together with its durability and of course it is ideal for even nautical applications.

Today BRONZE is still with us and it is still being shaped into beautiful products such as this lever handle we commissioned from the Dorë Prestige Range for a 5 * country hotel project – a featured a slim line backplate to suit narrow French window sections, yet with 92mm centres to satisfy DDA requirements. These handles are destined to an exposed elevation of the building – so natural bronze being the deal choice.

If you’re searching for a quality product for your high-end hospitality or commercial project – then we look forward to working with you.

 BRONZE AGE is still here – complete with the characteristic ‘ring’ sound that belongs only to BRONZE like those ancient items!

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