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Door furniture and ironmongery fittings can be made from many different base materials, such as: brass, stainless steel, nylon, aluminium, wood, leather etc. and finished in a multitude of ways, from painted to gold-plated.

So in the first place, we can help with the task of selecting the correct products to ensure you have the right items to suit the environment the items have to contend with.

This information sheet has been developed with the purpose of providing guidance to building contractors, owners and other users regarding the maintenance and cleaning of products, it is critical that these products are maintained in the correct manner to ensure optimum benefit for their useful lifetime.


All items of door furniture should be checked regularly.

If the instructions are followed carefully when mounting lever handles, there will be no need for adjustment. However, the tension of fastenings of all lever handles should be checked in accord with the annual inspections, any fastenings that have come loose must be tightened.

Pull handles should be checked to ensure correct mounting of the fittings and tightening of any neck screws used. If it is possible to move the pull, such movements will damage the surface of the door and cause instability of the pull leading to malfunction during use.


It is essential to clear stainless steel and brass items regularly.

Start by washing the surface with soap water or a mild cleaning agent.

Do not forget to rinse off the cleaning agent with pure water.

As a final step, dry/polish the object using a soft, dry cloth. In aggressive environments, such as off-shore or maritime environments and bathing or swimming facilities, it is particularly important to ensure regular cleaning.

Why maintain the surfaces?

With today’s environments the demands to the material properties of a product are considerable. Products must be able withstand diverse atmospheric conditions, such as heavy air pollution, high humidity regimes and maritime environments. In addition to this, product must allow cleaning with effective cleaning agents and, from an optimal point of view, offer no-allergic properties.


Characteristics of stainless steel.

Stainless steel is well known for the following two properties; resistance to corrosion, and only a modest need for maintenance. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is provided by a thin hardwearing film of a passive but stable chromoxide. This film is inactive, invisible, with extremely adhesive properties and self-repairing so that the steel is given the best possible protection, if the surface film suffers damage or is removed, it is instantaneously restored provided the oxygen in the atmosphere (or water) is not prevented from reaction with the chrome in the (stainless) steel. To ensure this, it is necessary to clean regularly. The purpose of the cleaning is to restore the appearance of the original surface, protect against corrosion and ensure hygienic conditions.


Any sports that may appear on the surface are not caused by the stainless steel, on the contrary they are produced by impurities in the water, air or cleaning agents that have been insufficiently rinsed off the surface.

Spots can be avoided by careful cleaning.

Any discoloration or spots can be removed using a polishing agent for stainless steel or liquid scouring powder.

Again, as a final step rinse carefully with pure water and then polish the object using a soft, dry cloth.

Do not use the following!

  • Scouring powder
  • Steel wool highly abrasive materials

 After cleaning.jpgFig 2, After Cleaning !

Characteristics of brass and nickel plate.

Door furniture made of brass are more susceptible to damage in environments where abuse and rough use is likely, as brass is a softer material unlike stainless steel. However, brass fittings with a nickel plated surface have a harder surface and can be an excellent choice of exterior.

Please note it is your responsibility to ensure that you have tested any cleaning on a small area yourself and have read any specific information from the manufacturer regarding their products. If in doubt, please ask of us ……….. We can supply you with a free sample of Never-Dull cleaner !


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