Carrying Capacity of Blum Runners, Drawers & Pull Outs.jpgWith the current trends to wider and deeper drawers and pull-outs, it is becoming increasingly important to consider the carrying capacities of the Blum drawer runner systems.  


All carrying capacities quoted in Blum literature refer to the total load bearing of the drawer runners system and therefore the empty drawer forms part of the load.  For example; a 378M series TANDEMBOX with gallery rail fitted to a 900mm wide unit will weigh between 12-14 KG (depending on base and back material) leaving a "contents carrying capacity" of between only 16-18 KG on a 30 KG profile.  If design element or divisional systems are used the unloaded drawer will be heavier.

in addition, it is essential that the fixings to the cabinet side (and the cabinet material itself) will withstand the potential load of the pull-outs.  Optimum fixing positions for TANDEMBOX are shown on page 350/351 of the 2016/17 Blum catalogue.   To facilitate the use of appropriate capacity cabinet profiles the 65 KG profile shares the same mounting height as profile also achieves lower sag values & is equipped with a proportionately enhanced soft close action (BLUMOTION).

One final consideration worth noting is the strength and construction of the cabinet (particularly as it relates to the adjustable leg position).  On 900mm width, 3 drawer pack unit the potential load shared between the two sides could be up to 150 KG.  This load could cause potential difficulties with; screws shearing (or pulling out of sides), cabinet joints breaking or, if the legs are not fully supporting the end panels, the total collapse of the carcase.

As a guideline we include the following table for the carrying capacities of the various drawer runner and drawer systems from Blum, however in all cases the application and total volume of the pull-out should be considered when deciding which system is to be used.

Drawer/Drawer Runner Type

Carrying Capacity


Guideline Maximum Cabinet Width

TANDEMBOX 30KG 578XXXXX up to 600mm wide
TANDEMBOX 50KG 579XXXXX up to 900mm wide
TANDEMBOX 65KG 576XXXXX up to 1200mm wide
LEGRABOX 40KG 750XXXXX up to 600mm wide
LEGRABOX 70KG 753XXXXX up to 1400mm wide
METABOX (Full Extension) 25KG 320XXXXX up to 600mm wide
METABOX (Full Extension) 30KG 330XXXXX up to 600mm wide
TANDEM for wood (Single Extension) 30KG 560/1HXXX up to 600mm wide
TANDEM for wood (Single Extension) 50KG 566HXXX up to 900mm wide
TANDEM for wood (Single Extension) 30KG 550/1HXXX up to 600mm wide
MOVENTO 40KG 760/1HXXX up to 600mm wide
MOVENTO 60KG 766HXXX up to 1400mm wide
Bottom mounted, roller runners 25KG 230MXXX up to 600mm wide
Bottom mounted, roller runners 30KG 430EXXX up to 600mm wide

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