Change to routing details for Simonswerk Tectus Hinges

Within the last few months SIMONSWERK Germany have made further improvements to certain models within the TECTUS range of hinges.  There are various modifications including the Compression adjustment by means of a geared mechanism the stability and strength of the hinges has also been improved.

This blog should make understanding the changes to the TE 540 3D, TE 640 3D and the TE 540 3D A8 and TE 640 3D A8 versions clear.

One dimension has changed slightly to the internal body of the hinges, the routing detail remains the same as this was big enough to also accommodate the new design.  Customers should be aware that if providing the original hinges for cutting out purposes,  it is important they also provide the routing details and not simply cut out to the shape of the hinge,  as the new versions will then not fit.   If you have sent out samples for cutting out purposes  then please contact your customer and send them the routing detail.  If you need help with this,  please contact us. (details are shown below) the routing details are also in the fitting instructions within each box of hinges.

At present we have stocks of both types and you could receive either type for some time to come.  

TECTUS Hinges  - Changes 2018 -2019 (2)

TECTUS Hinges  - Changes 2018 -2019 (2)

TECTUS Hinges  - Changes 2018 -2019 (3)

TECTUS Hinges  - Changes 2018 -2019 (4)


Please note if using either version providing the routing details are followed, either from the fitting instructions in each box of hinges or from our website:-  / Click on Product Selector / In Brands click TECTUS / Then click on model required, scroll down page to Downloads section here you will find Routing data.

Both old and new versions will fit the original routing detail, this has not changed.  The internal routing cut remains the same length, the new longer body will fit.

Customer‘s should be aware please do not to supply hinges as morticing samples without also giving the correct routing dimensions as above.

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