Colour_Temp_Insitue_Image.jpgSo you want to add lighting into your furniture?  But you're not sure which will make it look best, right? 

Even with white light, there is a colour choice!  From cool white crisp white lighting, with a bluey tinge, through to warm white which is slightly yellow. 

The colour of white is measured in Kelvins and is often referred to as light temperature.

We go through some standard rules of thumb we use, in this blog.

Modern or Traditional?

A contemporary kitchen with high gloss fronts works best with a cool white light.

Whereas more traditional designs featuring wooden fronts look much better with a warm white colour. 

Task or Accent?

What are you planning to use the light for? 

If its for ambient or effect lighting in a room that is used at the end of the day, or you enter from the dark - a warm white colour works well in our opinion.

If its going to be used for reading then you'll want to opt for a warm white colour - its much easier on the eye!

But for cooking or preparing food, you'll want a light colour that presents the food in a light where it's easy to judge the foods freshness or readiness to serve.  A natural white colour works best in these situations.

At the end of the day, light colour is down to personal taste - there's no real right or wrong!Profile Lighting Catalogue

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