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Truly one of the most difficult ironmongery solutions to find. Primarily because the doors and the doorway were probably never designed to have a self-closing device. If of course you are making new doors, then this is an ideal time to ‘design in’ the right piece of equipment. 

Here’s a few tips from our experience to guide you.

Firstly we find that so often this requirement is for a restoration or renovation project and the doors are old, subject to conservation issues, usually found in ecclesiastical buildings, hotels etc, after all who these days would design an entrance doorway to their new build with a pair of narrow width arched tops? Furthermore, so often if it is an old building it is likely to be uneven floors made of flag stones, tiles, terrazzo etc.

There’s a variety of coil springs, roller arm closer, even cord with a sash window weight attached, but let’s talk about what is a sensible workable solution.


Floor Spring

The first thing I think of  is a single action floor spring, with an offset  pivot hinge fixed where the upright of the frame meets the curve of the head. But can the floor be dug up to install the door closer into the floor?


Jamb Closer

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A great choice, hidden from view, and hopefully the weight of the door will not exceed the power size of the closer. Make sure they don’t go back beyond 90deg.

What’s good is you can fit them in the conventional way or reverse installation. So it really depends on how easy it is to mortice in to the door stile and yes we’ve supplied them to mortice in and through the door frame into housed into the surrounding brickwork!


Overhead door closer

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Yes there are options with special brackets, but the door frame will need to be substantial size to clear, which so often isn’t available.

Door closers for Arched top doors - 3.jpg

Here’s a standard closer fitted on the angle which the door could accommodate. We would never advocate departing from the manufacturers fitting instructions, as it could put strain on the closer arms and fixings etc, however, in these unusual situations some ingenuity needs to be embraced, and this door closer has been working for years and the opening closing force is perfect!

Why not send your particular application to us with pictures and dimensions so we can find the best solution for you?

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