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Complying with BS 8300 and Approved Document M of Building Regulations can be very complicated and confusing for many.   However, we have endeavoured to identify 6 key points which will hopefully be a useful guide to you.     For clarity, these requirements are commonly known as DDA compliance (Disability Discrimination Act), however more recently this has been replaced with the Equality Act.

  1. First and foremost, it should be possible to operate all door opening furniture one-handed, without the need to grasp or twist.  So, knobs with a spherical, circular or similar design are not recommended.PB_Knob.jpg

  2. The most suitable designs are those that return back to the door.img-cc2d7437d0df02d5f1a0c491df9a18cf.jpg

  3. Minimum Lever diameter of 19mm.

  4. Hand grip zone of at least 95mm.

  5. Hand grip zone at least 45mm from face of the door.

  6. Visual contrast for easy identification by partially sighted people.

 At SWS we are aware that these requirements can be particularly challenging if your project is a high-end public building, such as hospitality, leisure or commercial.   Our consultants would be pleased to give you advice on your specific project

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