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The total destruction by fire of the 18th century Royal Clarence Hotel in Exeter is felt as a great loss by the people of Exeter and historians alike.  Dating back to 1769 it is thought to have been the oldest hotel in England!When this sort of thing happens in your home town, and you witness the utter devastation of the blaze which affected over 6 properties, it certainly reinforces with you the importance of compliance with fire regulations in all aspects of a building’s construction and management (and very importantly Door Ironmongery!). 

This is of particular significance to me, not only due to its location, but as an Architectural Ironmongery Consultant who specialises in door ironmongery solutions for exactly this type of property.

Fire! Fire! Is your door Ironmongery Compliant with Fire Regulations.jpg

When designing, or refurbishing this type of High-end Hospitality facility, it is of utmost importance that Designers, Architects and Contractors engage with an Architectural Ironmonger that is an expert in this specialist high-class sector.  Indeed, one who is sympathetic with the design requirements, and maybe even listed building constraints, but at the same time recognises and understands the need for compliance with the relevant fire regulations and BS EN standards.   There are two main reasons for this: -

  1. Design and Architecture is of upmost importance with this type of project. Therefore, the ironmongery will need to complement this in a suitable way which will enhance the design theme, and give an appealing impression.  Refer to a previous blog of mine ‘The Importance of Restaurant Design and Door Ironmongery’
  2. At the same time as seeking to fulfil the Designers requirements, the requirements of Building Control and compliance with relevant BS EN standards have got to be met!

Thus, the importance of drawing on the expertise of a specialist that can skilfully blend these two important criteria together.  

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We have put together a range of Dark Bronze Ironmongery which is particularly designed for High-end Hospitality and Leisure projects.    You are welcome to download it from the link below.

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