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First impressions count! It is well documented that within 30 seconds you have made a subconscious decision as to how you rate a person.  This is true of a building and facility and from the moment you approach a building your initial perceptions are building up of the organisation.

Why not view your fittings from this view point and don’t leave it as a final decision but set your scene from the door handle forward!

Design statements are made from the first approach and a good facility will consider design as importantly as meeting standards for buildings such as DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) and egress requirements.

Investing in the right items add value to your image and make initial impressions count. 

Sounds easy or are you then confused by the need of merging the design from your concepts with the regulations that are always changing.  That is where a ironmongery schedule can often assist you.

A professional view can get both these elements right can assist you get your brand across from the approach to your facility and win loyalty and enthusiasm.

Consider your organisation by how space is presented, persons may not comment but the impressions of these facts are long lasting.   Make the most of the initial chances to impress.

The correct quality items can mean longer asset life, less renovations, happier staff and customers. It’s a world of innovation, motivation and influence where design and functionality have a major part.

Getit right and help motivate all the stakeholders.

A change of view about architectural ironmongery and you can really get all stakeholders engaged in the process when they realise they can all make a difference.

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