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Handbag Hooks are essential for any bar or restaurant.   Mounted to the underside of a table or bar ledge, they provide security and protection for your guest’s handbags.

Sometimes known as Chelsea Hooks, ladies love these when dining out or in bars, as they know their most precious item is safe and secure.   Not only do they deter bag snatching theft, but protects bags from any dirt and dust on the floor.  Also saving bags from being left on the floor where people could trip over them, or things can roll out of them – imagine the mess if a waiter were to trip over a stray bag while carrying a steaming hot plate in both hands!

These high-quality handbag hooks are available in 26 different finishes and can also be used at home to organise your wardrobe, if you’re looking for creative storage solutions.

Download our Spec Sheet below, which provides further information.

Download Specification Sheet

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