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HAWA-Junior is a popular choice in luxury joinery, and rightly so.

HAWA-Junior: All-rounder with a past and a future

HAWA-Junior has been a success for more than 30 years. It has proved itself
millionfold as a comprehensive sliding hardware system for a broad spectrum of
applications.  However, its success with architects, designers and users is by no
means just a matter of chance: a flexible, installation-friendly design, unshakeable
robustness and a rich palette of accessories push it automatically into
the foreground wherever sliding solutions for wood, glass or metal doors are in
demand. It is as innovative now as ever before – and Hawa certainly mean to keep
it that way.

Hawa AG: a seal of quality for every product

Hawa AG has been synonymous with first class processing, precision manufacturing
and high quality since its foundation more than 50 years ago. Switzerland
always was and still is our location of choice for all our production work.
Not least because of the fact that our business philosophy is based on typical
Swiss values such as safety, precision, durability and high quality of service.

About the product

A master at sliding wood doors smoothly and elegantly: HAWA-Junior 40 –250/B.
This trend-setting hardware system has a suspension unit discreetly integrated
into the suspension profile. The benefit to you is a very small installation height –
the joint between door and top track is just 6 – 8 mm ( 1–4 "– 5–16"). HAWA-Junior 40,
80 and 120/B take things a step further, allowing the door to reach the ceiling
with no gap at all. An assembly wedge makes sure no screws get in the way
between top track and door.

Things are looking good, and the HAWA-Junior 40 – 80/B has a further plus to
offer in that it can unfold its excellent running properties not only in the standard
anodised tracks but also in aesthetically appealing tracks with a stainless steel
finish. It fits in harmoniously with the most challenging architectural ideas without
the need for covers. You can, of course, expect this top class hardware to offer
all the typical Hawa benefits, from easy storage to a variety of accessories.

At a glance
  • High-quality, smooth-running sliding technology, proved millionfold.
  • Suspension profile with suspension unit integrated in the door for minimum installation height.
  • HAWA-Junior 80 and 120/B with assembly wedge for sliding doors that run seamlessly along the ceiling.
  • Convenient operation thanks to an adjustable stop bumper, adaptable
    to suit the door weight.
  • High-quality anodised top tracks, also available in an elegant stainless
    steel look for HAWA-Junior 40 and 80/B.
  • Rattle-proof floor guide prevents any rattling caused by operation and draught.
  • Based on standard components, therefore simple to store.
  • Extensive accessories and a vast variety of possible applications.

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