What Height should a pull handle be fitted.jpgTo meet the requirements of BS 8300, the bottom end of pull handle should be no lower than 700mm and no higher than 1000mm above the floor.  The top end of pull handle should be no lower than 1300mm above the floor.These requirements are commonly known as DDA compliance (Disability Discrimination Act), more recently this has been replaced with the Equality Act.

Our diagram below sets out the area that the pull handles can be fitted, to meet the requirements.

Pull Handle Door Position.jpgIn addition to this, BS 8300 compliant doors need the pull handles to have the following dimensions:

  1. 19mm - 35mm diameter
  2. Minimum of 300mm long

At SWS we are aware that these requirements can be particularly challenging if your project is a high-end public building, such as hospitality, leisure or commercial.   Our consultants would be pleased to give you advice on your specific project

Download our DDA Guide

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