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You could be thinking….”what does Door Ironmongery have to do with Restaurant Design – surely there’s not much link??”   Well believe it or not, there actually is, and a very important one too!

You’ll find that good Interior Designers and Architects that specialize in the high-end hospitality sectors, pay a lot of attention to the door furniture that is specified on their projects.

Many Designers that specialize in this sector would be aquanited with the '5 Elements of Experience',  i.e. the experience that clients recived when they dine out.

The 5 Elements of Experience


    An eye catching and appealing frontage.


    Creating the intended inpression on clients


    Quality of food and atmosphere etc


    Creating a theme, excitment or centre of attraction.


    Consistancy of branding in relation to the other four elements.

As an Architectural Ironmonger, I find ‘IMPRESSIONS’ and ‘THEATRE’ of particular interest, as door ironmongery has a direct and important role in these two ‘elements’.


impressions:   first impressions are 94% design related

 …. well that’s exactly where the door handle has an important role! – it’s the first thing clients lay their hands on when they open the door!   The old saying ‘initial impressions count’ is so true!

 Are the door handles going to create the initial impression that you want?   Are they going to get the feeling that they’re entering upon a first class dining experience or just something pretty mediocre?


theatre:   81% of consumers surveyed are willing to pay more for superior customer experience

What’s the theme you’re trying to create? If the right door furniture is chosen, it will without question, enhance the desired theme.

 An excellent example of these two elements, is a recently completed project in Mayfair where we supplied the Iromongery solutions..…known as ’MNKY HSE’.  Take a look at their stunning website on the link below, which features some of the pull handles we supplied….and wow, they feature on their home page!



These iconic door handles adorn the front entrance doors on Dover Street.   What do they create?.... A stunning ‘impression’ and an important contribution to the ‘theme’!

As an experienced specialist in providing ironmongery solutions for the high-end hospitality sectors, we;

     a) understand the importance of Restaurant Design and

     b) are sympathetic with what Interior Designs seek to achieve.

Why not request one of our Architectural Ironmongery Consultants to get in touch with you, to discuss your particular project?

 Needing ironmongery for a public building?

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