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It's not often you have a door that requires a 190mm long euro profile cylinder is it?
We have pictured this one along side 2 standard size 70mm cylinders with thumb turns to give you an idea of the shear size of this cylinder.

Although not regularly made, we were able to include these unique doors under the buildings master key arrangement.  Allowing the standard master key to access these thick doors.  These we finished in a dark bronze to match the rest of the ironmongery on the door.


Have you ever wondered, how secure a masterkey system is?

Essentially, security of a masterkey system can be broken down into three main aspects:
  • The physical security provided at the door by the cylinder itself
  • The balance between key control and the convenience of local key cutting
  • Patent protection of the keyblank, protecting against illegal key duplication
Physical Security
The level of physical security provided by a cylinder is usually expressed in relation to testing to EN 1303:2005. The number of pins incorporated plus the design and construction of the cylinder provides a scale of protection against typical methods of attack from ‘picking’ ‘drilling’ and ‘bumping’.
All Tigris® cylinders have been tested and certified to BS EN 1303:2005

Balancing Key Control & Convenience
The ability to get replacement keys on the ‘High Street’ may be convenient but it comes at the cost of security. The result is NO control of the number of keys in existence and more importantly who is in possession of them.
Only master key systems that offer Patent protection can truly protect against illegal key duplication, ensuring that you have greater control over who is issued with authorised keys at all times.
Patent Protection of Keyblanks
Some Master key systems rely on Copyright or a Trademark to prevent unauthorised duplication of keys - these systems can be considered as vulnerable. Only master key systems that offer Patent protection for their keys, combined with restricted duplication can truly legally protect against unauthorised key duplication.

Need to understand how euro cylinders are measured?  We go into the detail on the 3 types of cylinder; Single, Double and Cylinder and Turn, and our download makes it even easier, simply place your cylinder on the guide and read off the dimensions. How do I measure a Euro Cylinder?

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