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Lighting worktops with LED strip lights

by Adrian Besley on 07-10-2016


Installing LED Strip Lights in your worktop is a fast growing trend, and for good reason.  Not only does it give an aura of light around the worktop to define the silhouette, it also is practical – open your drawers and the light shines on the contents!With luxury furniture it's never been more important to offer true style.

Conventional LED tape requires a 8-10mm wide grove in the worktop, and when you get to curved areas, it just can't be installed. 

We've found the best way to light worktops is using a LED strip secret rebate tape, where the diodes shine from the thin edge of the tape.  This allows the tape to follow curves and even relatively tight bends, previously impossible with standard strip. 

This strip gives a more defined angle of light, approximately half the 120° angle of standard LED strip lights. By rebating this strip lighting (3mm Wide x 6mm Deep Slot) you can create lighting from your worktop without being able to see the light fitting - the lighting becomes truly integrated…

This strip light can easily be trimmed to the required length on site with a pair of scissors every 50mm (the cut lines are marked on the tape to make this easy).

Supplied with plug and play input lead for easy installation.

As this strip is IP65 rated it is fine for use in areas that may get splashed (like under the kitchen sink for example). 

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