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Magnetic Contactless Flush Door Catch

by Rolf Coates on 25-1-2018

Magnotica Magnetic Catch-1.jpg

So what’s so exciting about a magnetic catch?

Well I believe this nifty piece of kit is worth sitting up and taking notice of.   It is designed to perform the same purpose as a traditional door latch or roller catch, but it has many, many more benefits.  

Firstly it is fitted flush into the edge or top of a door, so there is nothing protruding from your door – no more unsightly latches and strike places and nothing to catch your best trousers on!    

Perfect for flush doors or those seeking to create a minimalist look. 

Precludes the need for Lever Handles. 

Will work on hinged doors or sliding doors. 

Can be veneered-over or painted, making it totally invisible.  

Will work on double doors and double swing doors.  

Doors can be opened and closed silently – no more latches clashing against strike plates!   

Doors are simple to open – just a simple push or pull action – no turning of knobs or lever handles.

And if that’s not enough advantages, they can even be used as a discrete way of holding doors in the open position!   For instance, flush doors that open back 180 degrees can be held open by these catches discretely fitted in the face of the door and the adjacent wall.  A good example of this is where you may have doors concealing a TV screen, and when in use they can be opened back and held in position.

BMC10100WH - Magnetic Contactless Door Latch (100KG Door)  - White.jpg

To find out more, or purchase online visit http://www.sws-eu.com/products/magnetic-contactless-door-latch-100kg-door-white/10911/ .  

Alternatively get it touch with me direct rolf.coates@sws-eu.com or 01626 333900.

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