MOVENTO The concealed runner system for the highest expectations.jpgThe concealed runner system for the highest expectations - MOVENTO offers a synchronised feather-light glide, 4-dimensional front adjustment, dynamic carrying capacities of 40 and 60kg, high stability and very good sag values.

TIP-ON BLUMOTION for MOVENTO is the perfect mechanical solution for handle-less furniture.

Varying nominal lengths and weight ranges can be achieved with the different TIP-ON BLUMOTION units. All other components are universal. Practical templates from Blum can be used to make installation and assembly easier.


Advantages at a glance...

  • New quality of motion: Low opening force, synchronised feather-light glide, BLUMOTION
  • 4-dimensional front adjustment
  • Carrying capacity of 40 kg and 60 kg, extremely stable, excellent sag values
  • Ease of assembly
  • Choice of motion technologies
  • Backed by Blum's Lifetime Guarantee
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Precise gap alignment...

4-dimensional adjustment feature for precise gap alignment. Quick and simple.

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Quality of Motion...

A synchronised feather-light glide for top quality motion & smooth running action.

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Impressions of MOVENTO...

MOVENTO concealed runners are built for the demands of 21st century living - with the option of side stabilisation for those extra wide drawers up to 1400mm. Coupled with MOVENTO's extensive range from 250 to 750mm depth runners, there are more possibilities with Blum...

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