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SWS have the solutions...!   But what sets us apart from the regular ironmongery supplier?

  • Specialists – We specialise in High-end Hospitality and Leisure projects, e.g. boutique hotels, restaurants, bars, high profile clubs and leisure facilities. This is a unique sector that requires special attention to detail and very often requires unconventional solutions.  Thinking ‘outside the box’ is certainly not foreign to us!


  • Solutions – We are not ‘just another ironmongery supplier’. We provide solutions to all your ironmongery requirements and help make your design become a reality.   You tell us what you’re trying to achieve, or what product you’re trying to source, and we’ll come up with the solution!    We pride ourselves in having that special skill required to successfully blend the Interior Designers stunning design requirements with a practical fit-for-purpose solution.


  • Coordination - We essentially coordinate the Ironmongery requirements, right from the clients’ or Interior Designers design vision, through to the practical on-site solution.   This often involves working with the Client, Interior Designer, Architect, Contractor, Joinery workshops and of course liaising with site staff.


  • Scheduling - We prepare clearly laid out Ironmongery Schedules detailing each item of ironmongery that is required for every door, taking into account the need for compliance with the relevant BS EN requirements.


  • Master Keying – We can draw-up detailed Master Suiting Schedules, liaising with all concerned to ensure that the client has the required key control.


  • Doorset Packing – To facilitate installation, we will pack the ironmongery into Doorset packages. This assists the carpenters and helps ensure the correct door ironmongery is fitted on each door. 

We'd be glad to help YOU with your project.....

For your interest, we have recently produced a range of Dark Bronze ironmongery, particularly developed for high-end public buildings.   This can be downloaded on the tab below.

Needing ironmongery for a public building?


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