Stephen Besley
Care and Maintenance of door furniture and ironmongery

Door furniture and ironmongery fittings can be made from many different base..

Stephen Besley
Antique Brass door handles on a back plate - 6 points to consider

To add a touch of class to your high end restaurant, commercial, PDR..

Stephen Besley
What’s a ‘two-way action latch’ and why are they so good?

If you are spending good money on a high-end project and knob furniture is..

Rolf Coates
Ironmongery Solutions for High-end Hospitality and Leisure Projects

So what's special about SWS?    Why should I use them rather than any other..

Rolf Coates
Door Handle Inspiration #005 – Yester Bronze

An elaborate Lever Handle on decorative rose. 

Finished in Yester Bronze as..

Stephen Besley
Superloos? – if you get the ironmongery right they will be!

Yes they’re a great idea, they’ll provide your client with a special visitor..

Stephen Besley
Door closers for Arched top doors

Truly one of the most difficult ironmongery solutions to find. Primarily..

Rolf Coates
Door Handle Inspiration #004 – Mitred, Oil Rubbed Bronze

A robust Mitred Lever Handle on a Sprung Round Rose, complete with bolt..

Rolf Coates
Which Door Closer should I use?

Choosing the right door closer is an important task but can be confusing..

Adrian Besley
We're changing the way our trade counter works in 2017

From Monday 2nd January, the trade counter will move to Marsh House, and..

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