Stephen Besley
What’s that door handle made of?

Ever wondered what your door handle is made from, here are some of the..

Stephen Besley
Bronze door handles ~ One thing in life that looks better with age!

The great thing about real bronze door handles is the patina it develops..

Rolf Coates
Door Handle Inspiration #003 - Oil Rubbed Bronze

A robust Lever Handle on a Sprung Square Rose, complete with bolt through..

Stephen Besley
Restaurant toilet doors? Design out the worst nightmare...

….when they have to break the door down to get you out!

If you’re providing..

Rolf Coates
Fire! Fire! Is your door Ironmongery Compliant with Fire Regulations?

The total destruction by fire of the 18th century Royal Clarence Hotel in..

Adrian Besley
Door closer fixing positions explained; Fig. 1, Fig. 61 & Fig. 66

When it comes to fixing overhead door closers, have you ever wondered what..

Stephen Besley
9 Things you need to know when sourcing heavy duty door closers

So your looking for a heavy duty overhead door closer?  There's a number of..

Stephen Besley
Which overhead door closer will open to 180 degrees?

Most door closer manufacturers claim a door closer that has a range of 0 -..

Stephen Besley
Why is selecting the correct hinges for timber doors so important?

If you are manufacturing doors for high-end projects, and you want the door..

Rolf Coates
Door Handle Inspiration #002 - Fluted Lever Handle, Yester Bronze

An elegant Fluted Lever Handle on Round Rose.  

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