Rolf Coates
Door Handles that conform with BS 8300 & DDA compliance

Complying with BS 8300 and Approved Document M of Building Regulations can..

Stephen Besley
4 Considerations when specifying bespoke flush pull handles

If you’re looking at including some fine detail in your design then..

Rolf Coates
Bespoke Flush Pull Handles

Flush Pull Handles are becoming increasingly popular especially due to the..

Rolf Coates
Antique Brass Door Handles - looking for inspiration?

There’s nothing quite like Antique Brass Door Handles to convey that..

Mike Besley
How do I clean Stainless Steel kick plates?

Kick plates are designed to take the knocks and damage at the bottom of the..

Mike Besley
What is an architectural Ironmongery Schedule and why do i need one?

When your building moves from a concept to a reality, it is important to..

Adrian Besley
Where should you mount led strip lights under cabinets; Front Or Back?

Lighting is all about the effect it creates, positioning of the led strip..

Adrian Besley
8 Reasons you should fit led strip lights into aluminium profiles

We all know that LED tape can be used by itself, as it can be stuck to..

Adrian Besley
Cool White or Warm White Led Strip Lights - Which colour should i use?

So you want to add lighting into your furniture?  But you're not sure which..

Adrian Besley
Is 24V brighter than 12V led strip lights?

It's a common question we get asked! 

The brightness of tape isn't..

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