Rolf Coates
5 tips when selecting Antique Bronze Door Handles for public buildings

Antique Bronze or Dark Bronze is the ideal deep finish to articulate to your..

Rolf Coates
Antique Brass Fire Door Signs to complement Antique Brass Door Handles

No doubt you’ll be well aware that Antique Brass Door Handles and also..

Stephen Besley
8 points to consider when choosing between door handles and door knobs

There's alot to consider when you are deciding between lever handles and..

Adrian Besley
What size should wooden drawer boxes be for Blum drawer runners?

Need to calculate what size you need to make your wooden drawer boxes?  We..

Adrian Besley
Lighting worktops with LED strip lights

Installing LED Strip Lights in your worktop is a fast growing trend, and for..

Rolf Coates
The Importance of Door Ironmongery in Restaurant Design

You could be thinking….”Door Ironmongery...…and Restaurants Design – surely..

Adrian Besley
4 Reasons you should use dovetail joint drawer boxes.

Drawer boxes with dovetail joints are the true sign of a quality..

Adrian Besley
How do I measure a Euro Cylinder?

Need to understand how euro cylinders are measured?  We go into the detail..

Adrian Besley
How do i adjust  Blum hinges?

Blum hinges can be adjusted in 3 directions, up or down, side to side and in..

Adrian Besley
How many Blum hinges will i need per door?

It's a question we often get asked, so we thought we'd put pen to paper! ..

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