Restaurant toilet doors Design out the worst nightmare.jpgYes they’re a great idea, they’ll provide your client with a special visitor / client experience of comfort, privacy and respect. So it’s a larger than cubicle room with proper doors and walls to fix things to and usable by either gender, and also the semi-ambulant if you wish...

We’ve been scheduling hardware for these rooms for years – so here’s 13 tips to help you; 

  1. Firstly, design ahead…… can you set the doors so they open outwards instead of inwards? So if someone collapses inside the w.c. cubicle they can still be easily evacuated. If you’re going for semi-ambulant (disabled users as well) then the outward open is a must. If you can’t arrange the doors to open outward it will mean using pivot hinges for the emergency open out requirement, but remember.….

  2. …..if you go for pivot sets and depressible stops you will need seals to provide privacy around the door as there will be no stops in the door frame – not good for appearance if this is high end quality project.

  3. Secondly the doors: Go for a good quality 44mm thick door, this will ensure that some really good ironmongery can be installed into it and thus produce an excellent long lasting, durable end result. 

  4. You may like to have an additional security deadlock or security bolt to lock off a w.c if it is in trouble for one reason or another. 

  5. Use a commercial lock cases. Tried and tested to BS-EN12209.2003 Gr3. 

  6. Use quality bolt thru lever handles. Available in bronze over stainless for durability and with attractive warm look. BS-EN1906.2010 Gr3. 

  7. Use concealed in the head door closers. Particularly if doors open outward, or the area is tight for space, it will ensure doors close out of the way of person moving in the space and will control the action of doors in uncontrolled manner. Also ‘in the head of door’ avoids them being tampered with. 

  8. Don’t forget the door stop and coat hook. Can be a combined fitting – but it needs to protect the wall from handles etc hitting and damaging the wall surface. If vandalism is high on your list you may have to user anti-tamper fixings. 

  9. The image attached is from one of our prestigious projects showing signage – maybe not everyone’s design taste – but it’s really clear and it provides great wayfinding. A generous size internal turn was provided to make it very easy for all user groups and provides the user with knowledge that the door is positively engaged. For this project we had to satisfy… 

  10. LRV’s (Light Reflective Values). That’s the measurable value of reflectivity between surfaces. Simply, this will ensure that the user can clearly distinguish the door and the door furniture on the door. So if you’re seeking to comply to BS8300 pt M, you may need to put this on your list when specifying products.

  11. Soft background music is a good one ~ but we can’t help you with this…

  12. Important : make sure everything is professionally fitted to a good standard of workmanship. Ensure that that spindle has been securely installed and engages into both the external emergency release and the internal turn.

  13. Finally, and most important,  when it has all been installed……Put w.c locks on your regular routine inspection check list. You never know if the door hardware has been tampered with or forced, thus damaging them and could suddenly let you or your client down.

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