Blum_Hinge_in_situ.jpgChoosing the right concealed hinge for your project, can be a challenge sometimes.  Blum Hinges have won international awards for design excellence, and are renowned the world over for their quality and reliability.  

We've created this short guide, to help you with selecting the right hinge.

1. Full Overlay Application

The most common style of concealed hinge for furniture.  If your door overlaps the cabinet sides or frame on all edges, then this is the hinge you'll need.


2. Half Overlay Application

If your door overlaps the cabinet side or frame on all side but the hinge side (where it overlaps by 8mm or so) then you'll need a half overlay hinge.  This is great when you want to hang two doors on one cabinet wall.


3. Inset Application

This hinges allows the door to sit flush witin a frame, perfect for inframe kitchens.  Bear in mind you'll need to give the mounting plate some thought, if your frame protudes further into the opening than the cabinet edge (you'll need to compensate this with a equal size mounting plate to the gap - for example if you use a 36mm frame on an 18mm cabinet you'll need to use an 18mm mounting plate).


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