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Door closers for Arched top doors

by Stephen Besley on 24-11-2016

Truly one of the most difficult ironmongery solutions to find. Primarily because the doors and the doorway were probably never designed to have a self-closing device.

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Which Door Closer should I use?

by Rolf Coates on 24-11-2016

Choosing the right door closer is an important task but can be confusing for some.   I have therefore sought to provide guidance on some of the key features that need to be considered.

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Door closer fixing positions explained; Fig. 1, Fig. 61 & Fig. 66

by Adrian Besley on 11-11-2016

When it comes to fixing overhead door closers, have you ever wondered what the various fixing positions are called?  Or have you been told to fix in Fig. 1 position and not known what is[..]

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9 Things you need to know when sourcing heavy duty door closers

by Stephen Besley on 10-11-2016

So your looking for a heavy duty overhead door closer?  There's a number of factors that you need to give consideration to, to ensure you get the right specification for your application.

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Which overhead door closer will open to 180 degrees?

by Stephen Besley on 10-11-2016

Most door closer manufacturers claim a door closer that has a range of 0 - 180º. So let’s keep this conversation to a rack and pinion type of closer with a conventional scissor arm,

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3 Reasons why Floor springs have the edge over standard door closers

by Stephen Besley on 04-11-2016

Have you ever wondered why you should use floor springs rather than standard door closers?  Here’s some thoughts for your design consideration.

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Which Concealed Door Closer should I use?

by Rolf Coates on 03-11-2016

The 2840 concealed door closer with a cam and roller mechanism makes it perfect for compliance with Approved Document M and BS 8300 recommendations.   It’s fully concealed when the door is closed.

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Why don't they make T shaped door closers any more?

by Stephen Besley on 28-10-2016

Can you remember when they only made door closers looking like this? Door closer technology and design has advanced a great deal in recent years.  Here’s some interesting points:

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