Stephen Besley
Door closers for Arched top doors

Truly one of the most difficult ironmongery solutions to find. Primarily..

Rolf Coates
Which Door Closer should I use?

Choosing the right door closer is an important task but can be confusing..

Adrian Besley
Door closer fixing positions explained; Fig. 1, Fig. 61 & Fig. 66

When it comes to fixing overhead door closers, have you ever wondered what..

Stephen Besley
9 Things you need to know when sourcing heavy duty door closers

So your looking for a heavy duty overhead door closer?  There's a number of..

Stephen Besley
Which overhead door closer will open to 180 degrees?

Most door closer manufacturers claim a door closer that has a range of 0 -..

Stephen Besley
3 Reasons why Floor springs have the edge over standard door closers

Have you ever wondered why you should use floor springs rather than standard..

Rolf Coates
Which Concealed Door Closer should I use?

The 2840 concealed door closer with a cam and roller mechanism makes it..

Stephen Besley
Why don't they make T shaped door closers any more?

Can you remember when they only made door closers looking like this? Door..

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