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Hawa Junior Sliding Door Gear

by Adrian Besley on 14-3-2018

HAWA-Junior is a popular choice in luxury joinery, and rightly so.

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Warm White, Neutral White or Cool White - What's the difference?

by Adrian Besley on 26-2-2018

Light colour is measured in Kelvins, Color temperatures over 5000K are known as "cool colors" (bluish white), while lower color temperatures (2700–3000 K) are called "warm colors" (yellowish[..]

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how do i install a seamless plaster-in led profile light in a ceiling?

by Adrian Besley on 16-11-2017

The demand for a contemporary ceiling light is certainly on the increase, as designers discover the sleek look this creates.

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Where should you mount led strip lights under cabinets; Front Or Back?

by Adrian Besley on 21-10-2016

Lighting is all about the effect it creates, positioning of the led strip lights plays a key part in this.  In this blog we discuss where under cabinet lights should be fitted for the best result.

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8 Reasons you should fit led strip lights into aluminium profiles

by Adrian Besley on 20-10-2016

We all know that LED tape can be used by itself, as it can be stuck to almost any surface.  There are however, some very good reasons why you should fit your led strip lights into LED profile.

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Cool White or Warm White Led Strip Lights - Which colour should i use?

by Adrian Besley on 20-10-2016

So you want to add lighting into your furniture?  But you're not sure which will make it look best, right? 

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Is 24V brighter than 12V led strip lights?

by Adrian Besley on 20-10-2016

It's a common question we get asked! 

The brightness of tape isn't determined the voltage but actually by the type of LED chip that is used, and the number of diodes per meter.

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Lighting worktops with LED strip lights

by Adrian Besley on 07-10-2016

Installing LED Strip Lights in your worktop is a fast growing trend, and for good reason.  Not only does it give an aura of light around the worktop to define the silhouette, it also is practical[..]

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