What are the best Heavy duty concealed hinges for heavy cabinet doors

So you need to overlay heavy doors on a cabinet, but standard cabinet hinges don't carry the weight? 

Our heavy duty  cabinet hinges work with a door up to 900mm wide and 40KG in weight on just 3 hinges. Trusted by cabinet makers, shopfitters and joiners throughout the UK, it's a well proven product.

The problem.

Many cabinet designs require the hinges to be invisible when the door is closed.  This is simply answered by using concealed cabinet hinges - however the catch comes when the doors are heavy, as a rule of thumb, standard concealed hinges have a weight loading of 3.5KG each.  

Overcladding cabinet doors with items such as mirrors, stone, or even tiles,  the weight of the door quickly increases beyond the capacity of the standard hinge.

Likewise designs that call for the doors to be over 600mm wide also prove challenging for the standard cabinet hinge - as most of these have been tested for use on doors up to 600mm wide.

The Solution.

With all the characteristics of a concealed cabinet hinge, but all the components have been strengthened to get a much more heavy duty version.  

Just 2 hinges can support a 25KG door, and 3 hinges allows for a 40KG door.

The main difference appart from the overall size of the hinge is the cutter for the boss, this increases to 40mm dia.  We think this is a small price to pay to get such a large uplift in capacity.

Overcladding doors not only increases the weight, but it also increases the thickness - this is catered for as these hinges are designed for use with 18-30mm thick doors.

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