What else should i consider appart from door handle height regulations.jpgWe all know that there are regulations around the height, that door handles should be fitted, but surely there's more to consider?  Indeed there is, we outline some key considerations you should take into account.

How high should I fit pull handles and lever handles off the finished floor level?

Where should the handle should be positioned?

Comply with BS 8300?

According to BS8300 which gives guidance on public buildings,  lever handles should be positioned on the door at 800mm to 1050 from the floor, 900mm is the preferred height. 

The main thing to ensure is consistency throughout the building.

User age group?

However, if the building is to be used by particular age groups then you might need to lower it – for example infants – or indeed put one at the top of the door to keep it beyond the reach of a child.

We have even seen them to lift upwards to hinder action for a child intent on escaping!

Fire Escape?

Whatever else,  if it is an escape route you will need to ensure anything installed gives compliance to the building control or fire officer.

Period Building?

Remember that on a period building the conservation office may need to be consulted.

restrict the Opening Width?

Ensure that long full length pull handles do not impinge on the clear opening width between leaves or doorway opening. 

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