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If you are spending good money on a high-end project and knob furniture is part of the scheme, then consider the latch or lock case operation that the furniture it to work with. After all, if you get this right, it will deliver smooth, quality action that is easy to use.


‘TWO-WAY ACTION’ follower in the case of the latch enables you to twist the knob clockwise or anti-clockwise to operate it. Usually a latch is ‘one-way action' which means it will operate in one direction only so this is ideal for projects with lever handles, but go for two way action if it for knob furniture.


‘TWO-WAY ACTION’ for knob furniture if it a lightly sprung latch it will be easy to operate and better still if it has a bevelled latch bolt, so when the latch bolt strikes the plate in the frame it rides over it quietly.

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