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Ever wondered what your door handle is made from, here are some of the common materials that are used.

Stainless steel

Really the only choice for a commercial, heavy use project. Variety of grades, from 201, ideal for residential, to 316 Marine for hostile environments.

Only simple design lines, but robust, durable. Polished, satin, or shot blasted finishes.

Enquire about our unique bronze over stainless for superior finish and strength, this is a favourite for high end restaurant, commercial projects.  


This has the warm look and the advantage that many styles available, very durable finish can be used externally.  Has the appeal that it will naturally develop its own patina. 


The perfect choice because it is soft material so it can be cast into a multitude of styles and then over plated in nickels, chromes, applied finishes. This is the base product for antique brass finishes – well-liked by interior designers for that pre-aged authentic look. 


This came to the fore in the ‘60’s, cheap to cast and produce, yet it still has appeal because of its soft silvery finish. Still liked in Universities and Hospitals. 


This is the modern version of aluminium. Cheap light weight metals, often using recycled raw materials, Mazak alloys, can produce an excellent base for over plating in a huge variety of finishes, ideal for that budget conscious project or volume housing market. 


Provides colour for your design theme, basic styles, has the advantage of being ‘warm to touch’. If your project is a nursery, health care environment, then this is a must to consider. Very smooth design and angles make it safe for the children and the aged. Most importantly this is the number one choice for swimming pool and sport leisure facilities. 


This is the material from centuries ago, but has been reinvented with incredible flair. Why not use this for your prestige entrance?


Definitely not for the commercial sector! However, some levers and knobs have ceramic parts which can give appeal to certain design palettes. 

And yes  there is CONCRETE as well ! IMGP2869xx.jpg

Finally there is IRON……

Black antique for the ‘ye olde appeal country forged’ project. Matching window fittings and accessories, but be aware of inferior copies which are very poor quality.Needing ironmongery for a public building?

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