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Lighting is all about the effect it creates, positioning of the led strip lights plays a key part in this.  In this blog we discuss where under cabinet lights should be fitted for the best result.

I guess it really does depend on what effect you are wanting to achieve.  Whether you are wanting to get optimum task lighting, or light a feature wall such as a splash back.

Task Lighting

  1. With task lighting your goal is to light your worktops, so if you were to install the lights towards the back, you are shining most of the light onto the splash back rather than the worktop itself.

    By installing the lights towards the front of the cabinet it will give the best spread of light, as wall cabinets are roughly half the depth of base cabinets.
  2. Good design makes light appear from places without the fitting being visible.

    If you install the lights at the back of your units, the light fitting will be visible when you are sat at your breakfast bar or dinning room table! 

    Fit them at the front and the light rail will neatly conceal them.
  3. Make good use of the light rail, its there to hide your lighting - it can only do this effectively when you install the lights directly behind it.
Tip: Don't be tempted by short term gain of easier fitting!  Although it is easier to fit lights to the rear of your wall cabinets, the effort to fit them at the front will pay off in the long run.

Effect Lighting

  1. With effect lighting your goal is quite different to that of task lighting, more than likely your goal is to set your kitchen apart from your friends and family! 

    By mounting additional lights in different locations, dramatic effects can be created. 

    Installing strip lights at the back will light your wall - this is particularly effective if you have a modern glass splash back, or fancy tiles that you want to draw attention to.

  2. Another great effect is created by using colour changing lighting, this works well mounted close to the rear of the cupboard. 

    By mounting it towards the back the wall gets lit with a wash of colour - perfect for creating mood lighting. 

    This way you can still install task lighting at the front of the cabinet.
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