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Can you remember when they only made door closers looking like this? Door closer technology and design has advanced a great deal in recent years.  Here’s some interesting points:

1. The bodies were made of cast iron

This material is very durable and hence it’s the first choice for diesel engines and manhole covers!  Today’s door closers are made of high performance metals which allow mass production.

2. Size

Large dimensions allowed the oil to flow thru freely, but slimline closers preferred now.

3. They could be serviced

Take it back to your dealer for new seals and oil top up. Not really an option in today’s expendable society!

4. Weight

Very heavy to fix up single handed ! Not an economical option to transport these days….

5. so don’t they make closers like this anymore?

There are still some manufacturers that make this style of door closer.  We’ve supplied retro-style closers to achieve particular project theme.

T Shaped Door Closer.jpg

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