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If you are manufacturing doors for high-end projects, and you want the door to close smoothly and efficiently, here's 8 tips to help you get the hinges right.

1. Can the frame support it?

The correct hinge on a door is fundamental to the operation of the door if it is to go on performing for years to come.

Especially taking into account the cost of the joinery in comparison to the cost of the hinges.

However, it is vital for heavy doors that the frame and the securing of it back to the door opening is capable of taking any heavy loading.

2. Door thickness

High-end residential projects are often requiring a bespoke joinery door and thicknesses of 90mm is common!

The picture above is an example of a special – door thickness 92mm thick, 150 kg in weight. This required 316 grade stainless steel hinges, with the knuckles welded to prevent the risk that a traditional rolled leaf of the hinge unrolling owing to the extreme weight and width of the door.

3. A hostile environment?

Any hostile environments to take into account? Weather, marine /coastal swimming pools, industrial pollution etc all have an effect on the hinges.

4. width of the door

Height and the weight of the door, but especially the width of the door. All these factors do need to be confirmed.

5. Finish

A variety of finishes are available to match the door furniture.

Don’t forget matching screws and make sure they are professionally installed !

6. Concealed Bearings

Concealed bearings keep dust and dirt out of the bearing surface of the hinge knuckles. Also they will give a neat appearance when the door is shut.

7. Fire Doors?

Intumescent pads can be supplied and can also be pre-fixed to the rear of the hinge plates.

Check what is required by the approved door supplier to satisfy fire door certifications.

8. Low maintenance

If you want to keep maintenance off your list, then quality phosphor bronze or silica bronze because these materials are self-lubricating and will ensure silent operation.

Needing ironmongery for a public building?

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